阿德里安 - 阿德beplay体育中文里安学院将为其越来越多的教育社区提供全方位的在线订购选项。简化的技术解决方案将为明年春季开始的阿德里安大学生,教师和管理完全融为一体。beplay体育中文

“我们很高兴能够扩展我们的书店的产品和能力,以更好地满足学生的需求,”阿德里安大学总监Rachelle Duffy说,辅助服务/书店经理。beplay体育中文“这一决定有助于为我们的学生提供他们需要在学术,个人和专业生活中实现卓越的工具的整体任务。”


The online bookstore will additionally support Adrian College’s faculty and administrators with a comprehensive platform that offers a modernized process for managing all aspects of course materials adoption with a step-by-step guide for selections, recommendations, past adoption history, and the ability to compare prices in real time. Duffy said the paired analytics dashboard was incorporated to provide academic leadership with a high level of visibility with superior technology that tracks critical data, including student purchasing and utilization.